An Environmental Stewardship Initiative
of the Southwest Dairy Farmers
Greener Dairies. A Better Earth.

Greener Dairies, A Better Earth.

The Ag Conservancy is an environmental stewardship initiative of the Southwest Dairy Farmers. We promote sustainable dairy farming practices to minimize our environmental footprint.


Love This Land, Respect The Earth.

As dairy farmers, our lives revolve around the land. From dawn until dusk, our dedicated families and staff members use sustainable methods to nurture this land we live on.


Let's Clear The Air.

The Ag Conservancy understands we all have a personal stake in the quality of our air. After all, the air you breathe is the air we breathe, too.


Compassionate Care For Our Animals.

We take the issue of animal welfare very seriously. The livelihood of our cows is essential in producing quality dairy products.


Raise a Glass To Clean Water.

To us, a clean glass of water is as important as a wholesome glass of milk. That's why we treat our water supply with the same care and respect as the farmlands we work on.

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